Why be inspired by the Danish approach to teaching?

For the last 5-10 years the holistic Danish approach to teaching, learning and forming empathetic and responsible citizens has generated significant international interest.

This is due the fact that there is a rising worldwide realization that education in the 21st Century should focus on more than just preparing students to be part of the work-force, it also needs to facilitate the formation of responsible and reflecting members of society.

The Danish understanding of education is guided by the concept of “almendannelse” . A concept that entails that the purpose of teaching is to form, “whole” human beings, who are willing and able to become active, reflecting and responsible members of society, and has formed an approach to teaching  that focuses on academic competencies such as independent and critical thinking, “soft” social skills such as empathy and “understanding of the other,  and also strives to make sure that  learning is driven by inner student motivation.