Nordicteaching provides courses and general consultancy for teachers and school leaders about the student centred Danish approach to teaching. 


Nordicteaching also offers concrete semester long courses for students in other countries, who are interested in the student based on the student centered Danish approach to teaching.


                                                              Course topics:                    

For Teachers:

  • How to work with the student centred teaching
  • How to work with student empathy
  • How to facilitate critical thinking
  • How to work democratic citizenship 
  • How to work public speaking and listening  


For students: 

Global Citizenship – the Danish way. A course carried by student centred exercises such as roundtable talks, role plays and plenum analyses, with a focus on

  • Intercultural communication
  • Global issues and the UN SDGs,
  • innovation 
  • how to work in high performing teams 
  • Critical thinking
  • Empathy 
  • Citizenship 
  • Everything

Learning via playing – a course centred around the Danish tradition of using play to learn. In this case on how to use play to learn a new language. Focusing on

  •  Learning fluency without fear of making mistakes
  • Conversations
  • Role Play 



Nordicteaching works with these features in a way that takes into consideration that educational systems and cultures vary from country to country, so that the clients may be able implement some of the best features of the Danish educational in a way that suits their exact systemic and cultural possibilities.

The courses, the videos and the consultancy can be formed according to the specific wishes of the client. Nordicteaching at times provide  webinars of an hour or two, at times video-presentations of several hours and at other times months – long periods of consultancy which dives deep into the clients praxises and provides feed-back and advises on how to fx. Implement dimensions of the Danish approach to leadership or to teaching.


The exact price of the Nordicteaching products will be negotiated based on the number of attendees and amount of ressources that Nordicteaching must put into providing the sought after product.

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