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Denmark, the leader of the Happiness Class, How do teachers teach?

Lesson 1: Classroom culture and classes in Denmark, why should we learn?

Lesson 2: How to motivate?

Lesson 3: Exam and evaluation, How Is it done in Denmark?

Lesson 4: Public speaking and listening, How Is it done in Denmark?

Lesson 5: Happy classroom culture, how is it possible?

– Description

Lecture introduction Denmark, the happiest country on earth, is famous for its happy classrooms and happy classes. How do teachers teach and create a classroom atmosphere? How do students keep happy classes in happy classrooms? What should we do to be like them?

Let’s find out through the actual practice of teachers at Rysensteen Gymnasium in Copenhagen, Denmark. There is also a lecture by Oh Yeon-ho, who introduced Danish education to Korea in depth.

■ Learning target kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school teachers and any parent interested in education

■ Reference books

Class for Life (2020, OhMyBook) Author: Oh Yeon-ho / Marcus Bernsen

We recommend that you read the book “Class for Life” together, which tells the story of 10 Danish teachers who practice “education for life.”